Welcome to our Nursery

Ms Jessica Foster

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Denise Barnes

Nusery Nurse

Ms Flo Koffi



My name is Miss Foster and I am the Nursery Teacher and Denise also teaches in Nursery. We have a lot of fun and do lots of learning in Nursery. Flo and Carol also come in to help out in Nursery each day.  We learn through play and singing and also we listen to lots of stories! Every week we learn a new sound and we also have a concept word each week, which Concept Cat helps us to learn.

On Tuesday we go to the hall for P.E and we are getting better at taking off and putting on our shoes and socks. We are also getting really good and taking off and on our own coats and going to the toilet when we need to go! A lot of Nursery is about becoming a little bit more independent.

Book bag days are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the children choose their own book to take home. Please find time to read with your child every day as reading is so important and enjoyment of stories and reading is one of the key factors in helping your child to be successful in the future. Have fun with it! Try doing different voices and volumes, ask questions about what is happening and enjoy your reading experience together.

In Maths we are learning to count to 10 and understand the value of each number and what it looks like. We are also learning the names of different shapes. Your child’s book bag will also have a mark making homework book in it which will have different instructions in it every couple of weeks. This is for your child to explore and experiment with drawing and mark making, don’t worry if the picture they draw doesn’t resemble the object given!

Music is also a big part of Nursery and we sing and do actions to lots of different songs. We are looking forward to a fantastic year in nursery and will do all we can for your child to have a rewarding and inspirational first year of education.

Sincerely, Miss Foster and Denise 


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