School Council/Playground Buddies

School Council. 


The school council meets once a fortnight with the Head Teacher to discuss important issues about school life and make plans for improvement.  They canvass opinions from peers and give feedback.





Our peers (not teachers!) voted for who they wanted to represent them as school Councillors.

We swore our loyalty to be the voice of our class in our Inauguration.


It is vital that we listen to and consider the wishes, thoughts and opinions of our children; they are after all the reason why we are here.

Mrs Lot






School Council Charter:
School Councilors should be setting a good example of behaviour at all times!
The School Council voted for the best class book corner................
and the winner was ...............
The Reception Class !!

Playground Buddies

Playground Buddies are pupils who help the playtime supervisors to make playtimes a happy time for children in the playground.

The role of Playground Buddies involes: 
  • helping children find new friends
  • making children feel comfortable and welcome
  • including children who are lonely and helping them to play games
  • giving support to children to find solutions to a problem
  • being fair and not taking sides
  • helping children if they fall over and comforting them
  • helping children to find something if they've lost it in the playground
  • teaching new games
  • ask ing the lunchtime supervisors if they are unsure of what to do in a situation
  • helping  to put away playtime equipment



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