Parent / Carers' Guides for Online Safety

We are proud to be a National Online Safety certified school and we know that children love being online.  The internet is a fun, exciting, sociable and engaging place.  However, the internet also has its dangers.  Young people seem to be rich in knowledge surrounding technology and it can be difficult to keep track as our children explore the online world.
Whatever they are doing, our parent guides (updated regularly)  will help you keep your children safe as they navigate the online world.  Share these guides with your children.  Start an online safety conversation today!
A new messaging platform called Telegram has been launched.  This is aimed at children aged 16 or over and concerns have been raised over the safety of the platform.  Telegram uses end-to-end encryption which means that messages, images, video and audio clips can be shared completly privately between the sender and the recipient, even the service providers do not have access to the content.  Telegram is similar to WhatsApp and children will be certain to show an interest in it.  Read our 'Top Tips for Parents' guide to Telegram (right) and find out all you need to know.
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