Lunch Time

There are three lunchtime options:

  • Children may go home to lunch
  • Children may bring a packed lunch
  • Children may have a school meal

Home for Lunch

Children will be dismissed at the end of the morning session. Please make sure that your child returns to school 5 minutes before the start of the afternoon session.

Packed Lunch

If you would like your child to bring a packed lunch, please make sure it is packed in a plastic container. Carton drinks or drinks in small plastic flasks are acceptable but NO CANS OR GLASS BOTTLES PLEASE.

We would ask you to co-operate with us in not giving your child sweets or chocolate bars in their packed lunch, as sweets are not allowed in school.

School Meals

Meals are now cooked on the premises. There is a wide and varied menu. The menu for the week is displayed in the hall.

Dinner money, which is payable on Monday, should be put in an envelope with your child’s name and class clearly written. This is handed into the office. Alternatively you can pay online through the ParentMail app.

If you wish to change from school dinners to home dinners or packed lunches, please allow one week’s notice.

T. 020 7254 1927 E.