Junior Road Safety Officers JRSO

What is a JRSO?
The  JRSOs  are children that teach other children inside and outside of school (and Parents) how to stay safe when walking, cycling or scooting.  They are ambassadors for community safety and have taken part in many different safety activities including working with the Police to raise speed limit awareness.  The JRSOs won the Hackney Outstanding Achievement Award for all their hard work.
For more information about JRSO's please go to : What is a School JRSO
St Paul's with St Michael's JRSOs for 2019 - 2020 are Lois, Areen and Serdar.  Congratulations on your new roles and thank you for helping to keep SPSM safe on and around the roads.
We are the JRSO
What would you like to know
If you are crossing the road look left and right
Be bright and also stay in sight
If you listen to me safety is guaranteed
Always beware a car is always near
Take care an accident is a nightmare
Have no fear
If you need us
We are always here !!
T. 020 7254 1927 E. admin@spsm.hackney.sch.uk