Car Parking and Cycling to School

At SPSM we encourage children cycling to school if possible. 
We have our very own covered bike shelter on our premises where children can lock their bikes each morning when they arrive.
Cycling to school has many advantages on your child's health and fitness as well as solving the parking problem for parents and carers.
Thank you
Polite Notice to Parents and Carers about Parking & Cycling:
The School Car Park is for Staff use ONLY and parents/carers should not park in the car park at any time as space is very restricted.
PLEASE do NOT park and obstruct the entrance outside the car park off Brougham Road at any time.  Many children and parents use this entrance on a daily basis and their safety is key.  Also this entrance should be kept clear for EMERGENCY vehicles at all times (it is also illegal to park on the double yellow lines)
Please DO NOT double park in front of our neighbours cars/driveways in the surrounding roads at any time as they may need access themselves.  We would kindly ask you to consider them when parking to drop off and collect your children.
If you are having trouble parking you may like to consider cycling to school with your children.  Not only is this great exercise but you will not have any parking problems !! 
Thank you
T. 020 7254 1927 E.