Behaviour & Dicipline

It is impossible for any large organisation to operate smoothly without a certain number of rules. Ours are based on common sense and are designed solely for the safety and welfare of our pupils.

Many are mentioned in other parts of this booklet and are explained to the children at regular intervals as part of our expectations of them.

Children do not learn self-discipline naturally. It is something that is developed over a period of time and depends to a great extent on adult guidance and consistency.

Following in the spirit of Jesus’ teaching, our ‘Golden Rule’ is “treat other people as you would like them to treat you”.

The following behaviour is unacceptable at all times in our school:

  • fighting and violence
  • bullying
  • bad language
  • rudeness
  • racist attitudes
  • malicious name calling

Occasionally, we have to take action to ensure that unacceptable behaviour is not repeated. This may take the form of being kept in at break time, being excluded from participating in an activity, being sent to another class for a limited ‘cooling off’ period, being sent to the Headteacher. If behaviour problems continue, or are serious, a meeting will be arranged between the head teacher and the parents.

In extreme cases it may be necessary to exclude a pupil. Parents can also be asked to take their child home for lunch if there is poor behaviour at lunchtime.

All adults are asked to act in an appropriate example to the children on the school site and to be mindful of the schoo’ls policies with regards security.



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