Newsletter and Dates

Thurs 10th May - Football Tournament Mabley Green - 10am to 3pm
Tues 15th May - Yr 3 out Pizza Express AM
Weds 23rd May - Yr 4 Athletics Comp. - 9am to 1pm
Tuesday 12th June - Group Photos and Staff Photos AM
Thurs 14th June - 10 children from Choir with Tom to sing at St Pauls Cathedral - 10am to 1pm
Friday 22nd June - Mini Tennis at Clissold Park - 9am to 3pm
Friday 22nd June - Talent Show in Hall 3.45pm
Thurs 24th June - Year 3 & 4 Disco 4pm to 6pm
Thurs 28th June - Bike Around the Borough
Thurs 28th June - Year 5 & 6 Disco - 5pm to 7pm
Mon 2nd July - Sports Day
Mon 9th July - Kiyeran Lot to join us for Assembly
Thus 19th July - Leavers Service 9.30am
T. 020 7254 1927 E.